Baala Veda

An innovative idea to promote Cultural Consciousness while engaging kids the right way

Baala Veda works around our eternal Sanatana Sanskriti and rich Bharatiya Itihasa. It tries to bring out our immense traditional knowledge for the next generation through infotainment games and activities. At Baala Veda, we believe that cultural and traditional values are best inculcated from an early age.

Bachpan Se Bharat

Culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant society. Culture helps develop thinking, builds self-esteem, and improves resilience. Culture is best taught when the mind is young. Thus, we enchant the mantra of Bachpan Se Bharat

  • 1 Books
  • 2 Audio
  • 3 Puzzles
  • 4 Cards

Our Culture Carriers

₹ 400

Dashavatara Playing Card Set

Explore the enchanting world of Lord Vishnu's ecosystem with our beautifully illustrated 54 cards! Perfect for keeping kids engaged, these cards offer endless fun as set games, memory games, or flash cards. Let the adventure begin!

₹ 150

Dashavatara Colouring Book

A beautifully illustrated coloring book featuring all 10 Vishnu Avatars helps kids recognize them by remembering the chronological order of the avatars.

₹ 749

Dashavatara Jigsaw Puzzle Set

A beautifully illustrated Jigsaw Puzzle Pack will help them learn about Lord Vishnu's avatars. Go ahead and assist your kid in learning about the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Additionally, their motor skills will improve.

₹ 499

Ramayana Lineage Card Game Set

The game introduces three generations of Rama and Ravana characters through 52 cards, catering to both kids and elders. The set-making activity is informative in nature.

₹ 799

Samudra Langhanam Board Game + Seetanveshane Build & Play Game

A fun game about Hanuman crossing the sea to reach Lanka with exciting characters along the way. Learn about each character in a short introduction.

₹ 799

Seetanveshane Build & Play Game + Samudra Langhanam Board Game

This is a build-and-play game that presents a challenging scenario: Hanuman's quest to find Seetha in Ashoka Vatika. The game includes fruit cards, demon figures, cutouts, clay, dice, and stones, engaging children in both construction and gameplay.

₹ 1299

Ramayana 3 in 1 Game Pack

Explore the 3-1 set with games like "Lineages of Ramayana" introducing 52 characters through a card game, "Samudra Langanam" narrating Hanuman's journey, and "Seethanveshane," a fun build-and-play game for kids!

₹ 1299

Dashavatara 3 in 1 Game Pack

Explore the delightful world of Lord Vishnu's avatars with our engaging Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Colouring Book, and Flash Cards Game Pack! These beautifully illustrated activities are designed to keep kids entertained while they learn about the fascinating 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Join the fun and spark your child's curiosity!

Our Core Values

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu

As we expand our range of products, services, tailored solutions, technology, and more, we warmly welcome everyone to contribute to the growth of the "Baala Veda Kalpa Vriksha." Your investment, whether in knowledge, time, effort, or even financially, will yield rewarding results that you can take pride in. Additionally, you'll play a crucial role in shaping our society's future by instilling the right "Sansakara" in your children. Together, let's build a better tomorrow!